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updated on 27 August 2008


Ace Almeria: An Ace for the Community

From Key West to Palm Beach, his name has become synonymous with entrepreneurship and excellent service. It has been eight years ago when he took his family for a well-deserved vacation in South Florida.

Within a few months later, this management professional came back and founded Almeria & Associates Financial Group Corp., ( a correspondent lender to assist homebuyers and homeowners on all types and various of loans including purchases, refinancing, second mortgages, reverse mortgages, commercial and business loans.

Before moving from California Ace Almeria worked in management for several Fortune 500 companies where he helped generate millions of dollars in sales.

“I am an entrepreneur by heart and recognized the business opportunity to serve my fellow Filipinos and the Florida market,” said Mr. Almeria. He strongly believes that key to any business success is an excellent service. "We treat our clients the way we want to be treated, nothing less than that."

True to the philosophy he profess, Mr. Almeria expects businesses to provide excellent service. "In the business world, people call me not to hear my voice, they call me because they need things done," Mr. Almeria said.
Ace Almeria
"In a sense I try to provide the best service and I expect the same from businesses that I deal with, it makes you a kind of perfectionist."

With a keen business sense and foresight, Mr. Almeria diversified into property ownership and other specialized business.

Even before the real estate market slowed down he bought the place where his office is currently located along University Drive in Pembroke Pines. He also diversified into the embroidery business when he took ownership of the Hometown Threads franchise located inside the Super Walmart in Pembroke Pines.  Thereafter Mr. Almeria brought its business presence online with the websites
"To have the best chance of success in business, you need vision, focus and then execution." said Mr. Almeria. "Its all about having a positive attitude. It is not what you see -- but how deep you see it."
Almeria owns the Hometown Threads store located inside Walmart Super Center in Pembroke Pines and its online store at

In business, money alone is not an end to its means - at least in Almeria's book. "The philosophy of my business is to reach out to people, make a difference and touch somebody's life," said Mr. Almeria. "If you do good to people and conduct your business in good faith -- success and money will follow."

Passion for excellence is key to success according to Mr. Almeria.

"Make sure that you are made up for it, not a 'wanna be' -- business is not the product, the business is you," says Mr. Almeria. "You are the walking Entrepreneur." For a businessman with a full schedule, Mr. Almeria takes time to free himself for activities other than business. "I have a band, The Strings, where I sing and play bass. We play at community events and private parties for now." Ace Almeria Hometown Threads
Almeria works on an embroidery order.

A sports enthusiast himself, Mr. Almeria is a certified basketball coach in the city of Pembroke Pines and is also an active participant in Basketball, Tennis, Philippine Martial Arts (the Garimot System) and Boxing.

Mr. Almeria also enjoys working and tinkering with his car collection -- a Corvette, Porsche, and Ninja motorcycle -- which would later on bring about a new business opportunity where his passion for car and business allow consumers to purchase pre-owned vehicles at great value from his latest company --  Ace Motor Works Corp. (

Mr. Almeria makes it a point to balance his role as a businessman, community leader, and family man. "I pretty much keep on a 24/7 week because I love what I do, I keep myself focused in high spirits and high energy."

For this hard driving entrepreneur, family takes priority. "I always have a special time for my family at home whether it is a weekday or a weekend. We always go on vacation together, eat out and go to shows and movies. I always believe that values starts from home. It is our responsibility as parents to have our children learn from their home environment and school."

Mr. Almeria’s involvement in his community took him with batch 13 of the Citizens Police Academy of Pembroke Pines and also as co-chair of the Friends of the Consulate Foundation. He also contributes to his community both with his time and resources.

True to his leadership ability, Mr. Almeria mentored, motivated, and trained individuals -- from California to Florida. "It is the biggest impact that a human being can have because its not just theoretical -- but reality of life," said Mr. Almeria.

Indeed, for those he helped play the cards life dealt them, Mr. Almeria turned out to be their Ace. (Filamvision)
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