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posted on 30 October 2007


Nenette Vilches: Filipina for all Reasons

Recent community projects where Nenette Vilches played key roles are working out well, and for the Center for Filipino American Government Advocacy, Inc. (CFAGA) a non-profit organization which she leads as its Chair, it accomplished what it aimed to do when it was organized three years ago.

"We have three main objectives which are all equally important," said Vilches. "Firstly, to develop and promote active leadership of Filipinos and other ethnic minorities in affairs of the government; to be cognizant of government laws and proposed/existing changes in legislation that will impact Filipinos and other ethnic minorities in different communities; and to champion Filipino and other ethnic minority causes in government including the legislative, judicial and executive branch of the government."

Vilches, a registered nurse by profession, gives saving lives and disaster prevention a top priority. "Presently we are in the process of creating a Disaster Relief Force for Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County," said Vilches. "Though our volunteers are ready in time of need, however, it is important that we get these organized for efficiency and responsiveness."
 Nenette Vilches, businesswoman and community leader
"My immediate goal as a community leader is to support, assist and inspire our kababayans to become active participants, get involved, not only in our organizations but most of all in our own community," says Vilches.

Recently, leaders, members, and supporters of CFAGA had an opportunity to collaborate with other Filipino-American organizations at the Philippine Independence Day celebration held in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

"We can all make communities aware of our presence, what our goals are with one desire to help and assist our kababayans," Vilches said.

"Our plan next year is not just to draw visitors but to coordinate and get involved with other minorities starting with Asian-Americans in either social, political (non-bipartisan) and religious activities.
In November 2006 Philippine Department of Labor Secretary Patricia Santo Tomas visited Nenette and Bembol Vilches at their Horizon International's offices.

This will give us an opportunity to be known as a strong and unified Filipino-American community in South Florida and eventually statewide."

As a Filipina American, Vilches tells us to look ahead to the future to better our lives, and have courage to look back at what our forefathers and motherland have done for us.

"We are proud to show to the world that we have a free country and that we have a strong Filipino community here."

Aside from her community work, Vilches also helps husband Bembol, president of Horizon International Remittance Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, in assisting Filipino overseas workers with their needs.

How does this busy community advocate manage her time between community and work? "Time management and wholehearted support and full cooperation of my husband, friends, members, advisers of our organizations," said Vilches. She credits the Philippine Honorary Consul General in South Florida, Dr. Lito Macatangay and Mrs. Marilou Macatangay for support on many issues affecting the community and overseas Filipino workers.

Vilches' passion for her work and sincerity in assisting the helpless is known in the community. Without a penchant for awards or honors, she downplays any attention on herself or accomplishments and instead encourages others to assist those in need.

Embodying the true Filipina spirit in community, business, and leadership, for Nenette Vilches, to be able to help, is the reward itself. (Basta Pinoy News)
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