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Updated 2011 Aug 1


"We are fortunate to have our own place," said Mrs. Bautista. "For others who must rent, factors to consider are appropriatemess of the venue, cost, location, amenities, and of course service."

"It's important also to have a plan and assign tasks, such as committees for larger events," added Mrs. Bautista. "Individual volunteers with a good track records make up our committees."

Romeo dela Paz, Chairman of the Space Coast Filipino-American Charitable and Educational Foundation (SFACEF) agrees. "Proceeds of our event go to our building fund and scholarship awards," said Mr. dela Paz. "Our dedicated volunteers have assisted us in making each event successful."

"Our SFACEF dinner dance fundraiser is for our scholarship support program which aims to develop our youth into the leaders of the future," said Mr. Dela Paz. "The community supports its noble goal. Details like invitations, announcements, and pricepoints are important. We want to get everything right."
Sampaguita Ball 2011 Tampa
An event or souvenir program is utilized to preserve the significance of the event and as a vehicle to raise funds. Photo: Auroroa Fortson was in charge of putting together the Sampaguita Ball 2011 Souvenir publication.
PIBNA Open Jax v Toronto 2009
Community and business leaders contribute significantly to the success of any fundraising event, as in Tampa's  Sampaguita Ball 2011. (Photo: Basta Pinoy News)

"Technical details are important," said Grace Valera, co-founder of the Migrant Heritage Council, a nonprofit organization based in Viirginia.

"We hold our annual People's Ball to raise funds to support Filipino migrants and issues affecting them. "The MHC averages 1,000 guests at its dinner dance fundraiser, there is little room for errors."

"To succeed in holding fundraising events of greater magnitudes, there should be transparency, clear cut objectives, and very good communication," Ms. Valera added.

Beth Marull, Vice President of the Philippine American Cultural Foundation of Florida (PACFF) believes in taking care of the details. "Key things to consider are objective, budget and outcome," said Beth Marull. "All three things should be relative to each other."

"It is likewise important to clearly articulate the objective of the event. If the objective is to raise funds then the net revenue must be positive and has to be worth the effort as delinated in the plan."

"Small things turnout to be bigger issues if not planned for," said Mrs. Marull. "It is crucial to have good communication with those involved to avoid glitches. However, expect the unexpected!"


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