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Women's Health News

posted 10 Sep 2008

Women Now Have Help for Female Sexual Dysfunction

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y., Sept. 10 -- According to numerous medical journals, more than 40 million North American women potentially suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction.

And while these women hope the pharmaceutical industry will develop a "pink pill" version of the
medication now available for men, Helm Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has taken the first step in a providing a safe solution with a non-prescription, topically applied, over-the-counter gel product known as Vibrel for women.

Using vitamin B-3, and free of paraben and hormones, Vibrel for women has proven very effective in allowing women to overcome challenges with sexual activity and enable them to enjoy intimacy once again.

Thirty years of science and research into healing have gone into the Vibrel for women formulation. That research centered on developing gel
formulations that could work from below the skin to better induce the healing process. Topically applied gel formulations also bypass the stomach
avoiding any GI tract complications.

"Delivering vitamin B-3 (Niacin) in a moisturizing system like Vibrel
is a different way to help women enjoy a more satisfying sex life,"
commented Dr. Donnica Moore, President of Sapphire Women's Health Group.

"More and more women, especially those before and after menopause are finding that a product like Vibrel helps them rekindle their passions and
allows them to respond more naturally to their partners." Vibrel for women is participating with in an extensive follow-up study on
the effectiveness of the product and to help women better understand sexual issues created by this hormonal change. Vibrel offers information on their website http:// www.vibrelforwomen
.com "Total absorption of Vibrel into the tissue and the properties of our
active ingredients make Vibrel for women unique amongst the
over-the-counter products now available," commented Russell J. Hoffman, CEO of Helm Pharmaceuticals, Inc, the manufacturer of Vibrel for women.

"In our focus groups and consumer surveys women have voiced strong opinions about the mess and clean-up that occurs with usage of other products. Our thirty years of research has alleviated that issue."

"Major North American retailers like Walgreens and Shoppers Drugmart commented on the previous lack of a product available to women to assist with these challenges, and they have now enthusiastically embraced our product," Hoffman went on to say. Vibrel is available in over 21,000 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Each tube of Vibrel provides enough product for 5-8 applications and retails for $19.99.

Helm Pharmaceuticals, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Helm Capital Group, Inc. Helm is a leader in development of products based on their patented gel delivery system. Their products include Vibrel for Women, and Ray-Noz Hand and Foot Warming Gel. (PRNEWSWIRE)

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