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Updated 2010 Nov 21
OFW excess baggage
The Philippine-American Cultural Foundation of Florida Inc. will hold its annual outdoor festival PHILFIESTA at its 20-acre property in Okeechobee, Florida.

Outdoor Events


PHILFIESTA at the Philippine Heritage Enrichment Complex and Gardens

OKEECHOBEE -- Families looking for an excellent event to bring their kids, families or relatives during their holiday should head to PHILFIESTA, an exciting outdoor festival of entertainment, music, food, and cultural presentations in Okeechobee, Florida, on Dec. 4, 8:30 a.m. Saturday

The outdoor festival is being held by the Philippine-American Cultural Foundation of Florida, Inc., (PACFF) a non-profit 501( c )3 organization. Among its mission is to promote cross-cultural literacy by means of its Philippine Heritage Enrichment Complex and Gardens which it is constructing on its 20-acre property nearby the scenic Okeechobee Lake.

PHILFIESTA is a cultural journey through Philippine music, song, dance, traditions. The elaborate presentations features a talented cast of dancers, singers and musicians in lavish Philippine costumes. Performers include the Philippine Choral Group, South Florida’s Filipino choral group Dinggin, and the award-winning Philippine Performing Arts Dance Troupe of Mr. Joey Omila.

“We are proud to be part of this great country and community. We have a commitment to promote cross cultural literacy that we may benefit from each others strength and that of the Filipino American community,” stated Edwin B. Dominado, PACFF Chairman and President. “PHILFIESTA is more than an outdoor event, it is a celebration of our culture, traditions, and contributions which we are sharing with other communities.”

“We are all blessed to be in this great country,” said Maria Barrameda, PACFF Director and Chair of the Miss PhilFiesta Committee. “PHILFIESTA showcases Philippine heritage and this event is a fun and educational way for the entire family to learn the significance of Philippine traditions and culture.”

PHILFIESTA is held at the 20-acre property of the PACFF, which is not far from the wondrous Okeechobee Lake, so festival goers can also head down the wharf a few minutes from PHILFIESTA.

PHILFIESTA beckons festival goers to take part in its interactive activities, which promises to provide an exciting experience in dance and sports:

Visit the Tinikling Booth of the Filipino-American youth dancers of the Treasure Coast and one can learn how to dance the Tinikling, the national dance of the Philippines. The dancers steps over and in between bamboo poles held by a person at each end who rhythmically slides and taps the poles on the ground. The trick is to move with the music beat without getting their feet caught between the poles.

Enter the Chess domain of the Phil-American Chess Federation of Florida, where chess aficionados, professionals and amateurs alike, will have the chance to pit their analytical and tactical skills against the Philippines’ first super-Grandmaster Mark Paragua. GM Paragua will take part in simultaneous chess games and one-on-one blitz challenge. Prizes and awards to those who can beat GM Paragua.

Youngsters and the young-at-heart will be entertained by a special balloon show surely to inflate their fun experience! Don't miss the Kids Corner -- lots of fun and surprises!

Before, during, or after these activities, taste and savor Philippine food and delicacies, it will surely capture the taste buds of food explorers while they enjoy PHILFIESTA’s cavalcade of cultural presentations, dances, music, and live bands.

General Admission for Adults $6 Adults. Under 12 years old get FREE admission. Parking $4 per vehicle. Location: 5154 SW 16th Avenue, Okeechobee, Fl. 34974.  For more information visit: or contact 561-371-0825

(Subject to change without notice)
(Subject to change without notice)
PHILFIESTA 2010 Directions to PHILFIESTA 2010

Use I-95 to North
Exit Blue Heron, go west
Blue Heron will connect Bee Line. Go straight (about 60 miles more)
Pass Jog Road, North Lake, PGA, Indiantown
You will hit three way traffic (left is 70 West, right is leading to Ft.Pierce)
Go Left to 70 West
Left on Parrot Rd.

Once you are in Parrot Rd, you will see Home Depot & Chevy car dealer to your left and Holiday Inn, McDonald to your right.

You will hit three way traffic again (left to Pahokee, right to State 78 west, in front is the Levee (lake Okeechobee), right corner is Texaco Gas Station.

Go right to State Rd 78

Okeechobee Fishing Headquarter is at the corner of 16th Avenue

Make a right on 16th Avenue (Okeechobee Fishing Headquarter)

Philippine Heritage Enrichment Complex and Gardens site is at the back of Okeechobee Fishing Headquarter

Address & location you can program in your Navigator:
5154 SW 16th Avenue
Okeechobee, Fl. 34974  



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